Puntland President: Neighbouring administration is supporting Al-shabaab to terrorise us

Puntland president Abdiwali Mohamed Ali has criticized Somaliand for its role in stocking insecurity misconducts in Puntland’s stable regions.

In an Eid celebration drum up by Garowe residents , president has said that regional troops have been put in alert to foil attacks which is tough to have been perpetrated by the northen administration.

“We think that anyone who gives an outfit to terrorists, some day he will be in trouble and pay the price “the president has said, adding that Puntland will remain vigilant despite crisis.

He said that on their side, they will not support terror groups and instead fight with Al-shabaab which is a regional network aligned with Middle East based milatants of Al-Qaeda.

He called Somaliland to respect their neighbors and stop fueling tensions in the region which he said will affect them in the near future.

Al-shabaab said it had killed at least 61 Puntland soldiers in attack in the state’s Gal-gala mountains earlier this month, charges which has denied.



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