Jun 20, 2017

Three alleged Al Shabab members arrested in Cabo Delgado, Mozambique

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The Police of the Republic of Mozambique (PRM) in Cabo Delgado detained three Mozambicans accused of belonging to a group of Muslims which allegedly promotes misinformation on various social issues in the province.

According to Radio Moçambique, the three men, members of the religious sect Al Shabab, were arrested last week at the administrative post of Mucojo, district of Macomia.

“These three citizens have been creating disinformation, appealing to the population not to consider the existence of the Government, appealing to disrespect to the authorities, non-adherence to schools and the use of contending objects of self-protection such as knives and other instruments, ” said the PRM source.

According to Radio Moçambique, the Islamic Council of Mozambique,through Sheikh Mzé Anssuat, has already reacted to the detention and distanced itself from Al Shabab’s actions in Macomia.

“This group is nothing more than a political movement that is protesting against the government, using a certain way to win the community, as if these were Islamic principles when in fact they are not,” he said.

This is the second arrest of alleged ringleaders of the religious sect Al Shabab, the first, occurred last month in the district of Quissanga.

Source: Rádio Moçambique

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