Jun 5, 2017

Forces Prepare New Offensive in Lower Shabelle

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Somali National Army and the African Union Forces in Somalia (AMISOM) are preparing new offensive to liberate new areas under the control of the militant group Al-Shabab in Lower Shabelle region, military sources said.

The troops’ maneuver is being felt in p[arts of the region, where the militants frequently carry ambushes on both civilian and military vehicles.
Residents in Janale and QAw-dhegle, two strategic towns in the region said they have seen fresh military deployment into the area in the past days.
This comes following comments from Somalia’s Military Chief of Staff General Abdullahi Anod who emphasized the need for fresh offensive against the militant group so secure the region.
Lower Shabelle regarded as Somalia’s bread basket is one of the most productive regions in the country rich with both sea and agricultural resources.
The region has been rife with militant activities as they control major portion of it.
Security officials say Al Shabaab uses the region to plan and carry its attacks in Mogadishu.
Source: Somali Update
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