May 17, 2017

Joho declares victory against Muslim radicals

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Youth radicalisation has reduced drastically, thanks to joint efforts between politicians, clerics and the State. According to Mombasa Governor Hassan Joho, the fight against religious extremism in the county has started bearing fruit. Mr Joho said the fight was succeeding after most of the local communities had realised that extremism had negative effects on their lives. “Some years ago radicalisation of youths in Mombasa was being done in broad daylight in some mosques. Nobody dared to go to such mosques but I did it and questioned the youths. Some called me a pagan but I never gave up,” said Joho. He said he worked with other leaders in the town to find out how the vice could be contained.

“I had to work with Haki Africa Executive Director Hussein Khalid to contain the vice; he in turn has helped by working on a plan to stop the spread of radicalisation,” said Joho. More volunteers The governor, who launched the Mombasa County Action Plan for Preventing and Countering Extremism in Mombasa, called on more volunteers in the fight against extremism and radicalisation, which he said posed a threat to tourism. He said extremists had no right to judge others about their religious stand. National Counter Terrorism Director Martin Kimani praised the city’s joint efforts to fight religious extremism. Mr Kimani said the launch of the action plan marked a crucial moment for Mombasa and the country at large.

“The action plan has simple priorities that are implementable. At a minimum, I believe, it states how to rid Mombasa of hateful ideologies peddled by Al Shabaab and engage the youth and women, and inform and empower residents to identify and appropriately respond to radicalisation,” he said.

Source: The Standard

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