May 15, 2017

Al-Shabaab Execute Abdullahi Bahar; Own Senior Commander on Spying Suspicion

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The Al-Qaeda linked Islamist group Al-Shabaab on Friday 12/5/2017 at around 1600hrs executed on of its own commander on basis that he was spying on behalf of AMISOM and KDF.

Abdullahi Bahar, Al-Shabaab Japha commander in charge of Lakole Al-Shabaab was killed after he was alleged that was sympathetic to Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo’s government.

Al-Shabaab top leadership okayed his execution and replaced him with Sheikh Abdalla in acting capacity.

Abdullahi was also accused of blocking the attack of KDF camp in Damasa when the area was faced by devastating droughts.

Abdullahi hails from Marehan(Rer siyad) clan while Sheikh Abdalla is from Rahwein clan.

Al-Shabaab Islamists group often carries out executions, especially when there are military operations in their bastions.

Al-Shabaab the Salafist jihadist fundamentalist group based in East Africa and is headquartered in Jilib Somalia has executed many of its members including its Kenyan fighters on suspicion that they were spying for their country.

Earlier this month, Al-Shabaab terrorists publicly beheaded four men in Lower Jubba accusing them of spying for Kenyan forces and SNA forces.

In November 2016, the terrorist group beheaded five civilians in Tieglow town in Somalia’s Bakool region for collaborating with security troops.

Al-Shabaab, like other Islamist terrorist groups, is known for brutal killings, executions, floggings and amputations that are imposed by their strict Sharia court (Islamic court).

Source: Strategic Intelligence Service

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