May 12, 2017

Arms embargo on Somalia must be to lifted to defeat armed group al-Shabab.

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Speaking on Thursday at a Somalia conference held in London and attended by world leaders, Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed, known as Farmajo, said government forces would defeat the al-Qaeda linked group in “a few years” – but troops had to be better equipped.
The President has said “his government’s plan is to strengthen the national security forces, and enhance the quality of the troops, so to drive Al-Shabaab out of the cities.
The liberated areas from al-Shabaab will be help to have their own administration with police stations and court, the president added that he believes that the international community, and federal government will be jointly working together to stabilize the country,
He told the delegate that Al-Shabaab cannot be defeated by Somali security forces who only equipped with AK 47 which is the same weapons that al-Shabaab also poses.
He said that the army need Morden weapons with better quality to defeat the terror group. He requested the united nation should lift the arms embargo on Somalia.
He acknowledges that the partial lifting the arms embargo on Somalia in 2013 was no enough to defeat al-Shabaab and now is the time to obtain sophisticated weapons to defeat Al-Shabaab. the

He also spoke on the issues such as humanitarian issues, trade and investment in the country is a country with full of resources.


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