ISIS Threaten To Attack China Using Child Soldiers From Uighur Muslim Minority


ISIS fighters from China who mainly comes from Uighur Muslim minority vowed to return home and ‘shed blood like rivers’. This is the first threat against China from ISIS terrorist group.

In a 30-minute video, purportedly released by the jihadists on Monday 27 February,2017, it shows Uighur fighters, including heavily armed children training readying for the attack.

The footage also shows senior ISIS figures giving them speeches, praying and killing other ‘informants’. The location is not disclosed by its thought to be in an ISIS-controlled area of Syria or Iraq.

China has long been accused of trying to suppress the ethnic Uighurs, who are based in the far west semi-autonomous region of Xinjiang with hundred reportedly being killed in the past years after unrests with ethnic majority Han Chinese.



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