Al-Shabaab Terrorists Executes Two Own Men by Firing Squad, Accuse them Being Spies

Al-Shabaab terrorists in Somalia on Monday morning 27/2/2017, killed two own men by firing squad accusing them of been double agents.

The two men were accused of spying for government soldiers in Hiiraan region of Somalia.

The two identified as Ahmed Yusuf Hassan, 26; and Ahmed Nur Abdi Osoble, 20; were killed by an Al Shabaab firing squad in Buq-Aqable in front of hundreds of people to instill fear of collaborating with government and allied forces.

Al-Shabaab Islamists group often carries out executions, especially when there are military operations in their bastions.

Earlier this month, Al-Shabaab terrorists publicly beheaded four men in Lower Jubba accusing them of spying for Kenyan forces and SNA forces.

In November 2016, the terrorist group beheaded five civilians in Tieglow town in Somalia’s Bakool region for collaborating with security troops.

Source: Strategic Intelligence News (SIN)


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