Feb 27, 2017

Detained Alshabaab woman defiant in confession

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A Woman arrested by Somali intelligence in Mogadishu on Saturday confessed has of being a member of the militant Islamist group Alshabaab.

Leyla Omar Baruud (pictured above)  who hails from El Dheere in Galgudud some 500 km from Mogadishu shocked the journalists present when she said she had been ready to be used as a suicide mission.

She said she underwent military training in the Alshabaab held town of El Dheere.

Leyla  said she believes in the ideology taught by Alshabaab and accused the government of failing to apply The Islamic Shariah.

She accused referred the government leaders as apostates.

Leyla Omar Baruud remains under police custody and her grilling continues.

Source: Radio Dalsan

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