Feb 27, 2017

Al Shabaab returnee killed, grenade recovered in Kwale

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Detectives in Msambweni, Kwale county have gunned down a most wanted terror suspect.

The officers recovered a hand grenade, a thunder flash explosive and a detonating cord with a fuse.

The suspect, Mohammed Juma Mwamuraji, 44, was on police radar since his return from Somalia.

The operation was conducted by officers from the Anti-terrorism police unit (ATPU) and flying squad based in Diani.

A police source who sought anonymity told The Star that the suspect was among the several returnees who are being trailed.

“We acted on intelligence reports. Raided the home of a suspected al-shabaab operative within Mbuwani village, Mbongwe sub-location. He is one of the most wanted returnees from Somalia.”he said.

After the suspect was ordered to surrender, he confronted the officers with a hand grenade whose make is yet to be established and in the process he was fatally shot.

It was later established that the deceased was married to a Tanzanian woman namely Kimolo Batuli Waziri.

“His wife is a Tanzanian, ID number 724468 and holder of Tanzanian passport no. AB 448779′, said the officer.

According to 2016 statistics, Kwale county topped in Alshabaab returnees, followed by Kilifi, Mombasa and Lamu.

Newly posted Msambweni police boss Joseph Chebusi confirmed the incident and thanked members of the public for the good cooperation.

He also added that the raids will be conducted until the war on Shabaab comes to an end.

“The officers are keeping vigil and on lookout every second. We will trail them even if they hide in skies,”he said


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