Feb 20, 2017

AMISOM lauds Kenya Police officers for supporting Somalia

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Six officers are rotating out i.e. C.I Simon Kirui, Inspectors Solomon Ondiba, Jane Mwelu, Henry Kali, Hondo Chacha and Const. David Kinoti.

The African Union Mission in Somalia (AMISOM) has lauded Kenyan police officers for outstanding work in supporting Somalia recover from decades of war.

Speaking during a medals award ceremony, yesterday, for six officers who are rotating out after serving in the peacekeeping mission for one year, the AMISOM Police Commissioner, Brigadier Anand Pillay, said the Kenyan police contingent had exhibited professionalism in their work.

“You can be proud of yourselves,” Brigadier Pillay said to the departing officers adding; “It’s the contingent with the least problems in the mission. It’s a contingent that always tries to give the best. There’s commitment shown from each of you and what you produce and what you do here. We are all proud of you.”

Commenting on discipline, the AMISOM Police Commissioner said the Kenyan contingent had been exceptional and congratulated the six Individual Police Officers (IPOs) for being good ambassadors of the Kenya Police Service.

“I want to thank you for being the disciplined police officers that you have shown throughout the time you have been here,” Brigadier Pillay added.

The Police Commissioner said they had impacted positively on the mission through their professional approach to their work.

“It shows the quality of people you are and the police officers that you are in your country. If you can come to another country and produce such high standards, then there’s definitely something about you that resembles very high standards. I want to thank you on behalf of SRCC (The Special Representative of the Chairperson of the African Union Commission for Somalia) and senior leadership for the work you have done here,” Brigadier Pillay observed.

Speaking at the same function, the commander of the Kenyan contingent Superintendent of Police (SP), Rachael Munge Kironji, thanked the six officers for their contribution to AMISOM in its efforts to meet its mandate.

“When you came to AMISOM in Somalia, you came with skills, you brought in experience and knowledge and now we believe that as you’re going home, you have been able to share the same with AMISOM in order for it to achieve its mandate. I believe you’re not going home the way you came as you have been interacting with the environment and also other members from other countries, I believe you have been able to add knowledge, to add skills and also experience”, Mrs. Kironji added.

The six officers who are rotating out are Chief Inspector Simon Kirui, Inspector Solomon Ondiba, Inspector Jane Mwelu, Inspector Henry Kali, Inspector Hondo Chacha and Constable David Kinoti.

The medals ceremony was attended by senior police officers from AMISOM including the Acting Chief of Staff Muniru Adam.


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