Feb 13, 2017

Terror casualties reduced in 2016, police report shows

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Sixteen people died in terror-related incidents last year compared to 202 in 2015. Some 16 terrorism incidents were recorded in 2016 that left eight people injured, while 66 incidents were reported in 2015 with 120 people injured. Police statistics show 45 incidents were reported in 2014 that left 70 people dead and 78 injured.

Police statistics show 45 incidents were reported in 2014 that left 70 people dead and 78 injured.

In 2015, the majority of victims were from the attack on Garissa University College, where 150 students were killed and 80 wounded. President Uhuru Kenyatta revisited the incident when he launched police vehicles at Uhuru Park in Nairobi Monday. “The year 2015 was particularly darkened by the Garissa University attack,” he said

He said the reduction in terror incidents was attributed to the combined efforts of security agencies in the country. About Sh26 billion has been invested in police equipment and a medical insurance scheme since 2013. “There has been significant progress in counter-terrorism arising from enhanced capacity. These emanated from terrorism and other forms of organised crime, which required innovative ways to tackle them,” said the President. Crime rose to 76,986 in 2016 compared to 72,490 in 2015, 69,372 in 2014 and 71,832 in 2013. Uhuru said crime reduced in Nairobi County due to various factors, including the use of CCTV cameras installed in various places. He said reporting of crime increased due to the presence of police. He said robberies in Nairobi alone reduced to 295 in 2016 compared to 436 in 2014, while motor vehicle theft dropped to 195 last year compared to 340 in 2014. Cases of mugging reduced to 992 in 2016 compared to 1,360 in 2014. The President said the Government was building the first phase of 1,500 housing units for police officers, adding that these would be completed by the end of this year. He said the second phase comprising 4,800 units would commence later on.

SOURCE: The Standard

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