Feb 6, 2017

SCHOOL OF TERROR: At least 22 Brits from the SAME medical university have fled to Syria and joined ISIS

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AS MANY as 22 British medical students from the same university in Sudan have gone to Syria to join ISIS.

The recruited doctors, pharmacists and dentists from the University of Medical Sciences and Technology, Sudan, have direct links to terrorists jailed in Britain for plotting an ISIS atrocity in London.


Terrorist Tarik Hassane, who studied at the University of Medical Sciences and Technology in Sudan, was jailed in 2014 after plotting a terror attack in London

A total of 27 students and graduates have sought to join ISIS’s ranks, and 22 of these are British citizens or residents with family in the UK. Many are also the children of highly regarded UK doctors, the Sunday Times investigation revealed.

Some members of the group were found championing the ISIS cause and praising Jihad online – contradicting claims that they travelled to Syria for humanitarian reasons.

The group of medics enrolled at the Sudan university include at least three sets of siblings.

The Sunday Times reported that they were recruited by a fellow student at the university, who comes from Middlesbrough.

Dr Ahmed Babiker Mohamed Zein, the dean of student affairs at the university, said six of the group who travelled to Syria, including “four or five” with British links, had since been killed during the fighting.

“I have visited their families in Sudan to offer my condolences,” he said last week.

The medics secretly travelled to the front lines in waves – entering through Turkey – starting in March 2015.

The relatives are left “in the dark” with little information about the wellbeing of the students. “If there’s no news, it’s good news,” one said.

British-Sudanese students studying in the university pay just £1,500 per year for tuition – far less than the £9,000 UK fees. A qualification from the uni is also officially recognised in the UK.

Scotland Yard and the security services are understood to be investigating the medics and their associates in the UK amid fears further attacks could be planned.

Among the medics are brothers from Leicester Mohamed and Ibrahim Agreed, aged 22 and 24, who previously attended Loughborough Grammar School.

The pair fled to Syria in June 2015 and are Facebook friends with terrorist Suhaib Majeed, 22, who was put behind bars in 2014.

Their father has since claimed his boys were “deceived” and are “not fighters”.

He said: “All the families are very sad. They just want Allah to return them.”

Siblings Ahmad and Nada Kheder, 25 and 22, from Carshalton, South London, also journeyed to Syria and were found to have praised ISIS on social media.

Their father, a doctor in the UK, refused to comment, saying: “It’s a private matter. We don’t want any publicity.”

It is believed the medics have been split up and are working in hospitals in Raqqa and Deir Ezzor in Syria as well as Mosul in Iraq.

UMST student Tarik Hassane and Suhaib Majeed, were jailed in 2014 after they got hold of a gun and ammunition and planned a drive-by terror attack in London.

Hassane was studying medicine in Sudan when Majeed was arrested and rushed back to London to carry on as a “lone wolf terrorist”, according to prosecutor Brian Altman.


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