Dec 22, 2016


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Would you know if your son or daughter was radicalized into violent extremism? Would you be able to identify any overt signs of radicalization? The process of radicalization is now a serious global issue with acts of terrorism being the ultimate manifestation. Each year hundreds  of individuals end up abandoning their families and everyday life to  go down the path of violent extremism.

Here’s a list of 4 signs to look for that reveal that your child or loved one is being radicalized

1. Drastic change in behavior- This may include social isolation whereby they distance themselves from friends and family members. Change in appearance where their style of dressing and physical appearance is altered.

2.Consumption of extremist material- They spend excessive amounts of time viewing extremist videos or visiting terrorist social network pages and forums.

3.Intolerance and hatred towards other viewpoints and belief systems- They are argumentative and reject views that are not similar to their own.

4.Fascination with religion– This includes a fascination with extremist religious beliefs that run counter to that of their family culture, where they overtly reject any other religious view.

Early identification reporting of signs of radicalization may help prevent future terrorist attacks. Therefore, if your child or loved one exhibits any overt sign of radicalization, do not hesitate to reach out to a family member you trust or contact the nearest police station

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