Radical Islamist Released, But Under Severe Restrictions

A radical Islamist preacher convicted in 2016 of inspiring support for the Islamic State and described by a British prison official as “genuinely dangerous” to public safety has been released from jail under strict controls on his travels and use of the internet. For the remainder of his sentence, Mr. Choudary will be barred from leaving London,... Continue Reading →


Women Financing Al Shabaab Unknowingly

Since the AMISOM forces entered Somalia to sanitize the war-torn horn of African country in 2012, the rag-tag militia Al Shabaab lost the control of most of the major cities especially those that control the economy of Somalia. Losing territorial control meant losing their source of revenue; like illegal charcoal business among other trades, forced... Continue Reading →

TERRORISM 101: Misuse Of Women By Terrorists

A drastic change in the face of terrorism has manifested itself as women actively participate in terrorist acts as active fighters or suicide bombers. Terrorists have warped the Islamic teachings to include women in their so-called Jihad. According to Mia Bloom, a professor for communication in Georgia State University, women who join the terrorist groups... Continue Reading →

New Bill To Protect Students And Youth From Radicalisation And Recruitment

As terrorist groups continue to highly target the youth for radicalisation and recruitment, Nominated Senator Naomi Waqo is now proposing stringent measures to counter and curb radicalisation in learning institutions. The Prevention of Terrorism (Amendment) Bill, 2018, seeks to protect students and youth in learning institutions against radicalisation. The bill also wants a standardised curriculum... Continue Reading →

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