Jun 17, 2020

Al Shabaab decry mismanagement of resources by leadership

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Fresh reports out of Somalia now suggest that Al Shabaab’s woes continue to deepen as the militia group is now facing fresh wrangles concerning money disputes. This is according to several middle-level commanders that have defected to the government in the last month.

According to one of the defectors, Alshabaab has broken down into factions with various leaders independently conducting their own operations. A clear example cited by the source was a faction in Southern Somalia that operates along the Kenya-Somalia border.

He intimated that while these leaders still pay allegiance to Abu Ubaidah, they have diversified their activities to include extortion and illegal drug trade which they use to fund their activities owing to the lack of funding from the governing Shura Council. He even suggested that the ongoing clashes in Mandera are as a result of one of these leaders and that part of the reason they defected was a fear of being governed by these proverbial ‘warlords’.

“They have embraced guerilla warfare and are conducting attacks without the express permission of the governing council.” He said

This revelation comes during a period when Somalia is about to hold their National elections and it is feared that Al Shabaab might be planning to disrupt the process.

Security forces have however been vigilant and are continuously working to destroy the defunct group.

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