May 4, 2020

Al-Shabaab’s message about COVID-19

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Al-Shabaab through its spokesman Sheikh Ali Dhere released a statement concerning the coronavirus, terming it ‘A punishment from Allah’. Upon the disbelievers “The disease was afflicted on the infidels due to their disbelief and oppression of the Muslims, believing that they wield power” said Ali Dhere in a 28-minute audio message released on Monday April 27, 2020. He called on the Muslims to rejoice the ‘painful torment” inflicted upon the disbelievers and not show the slightest sympathy towards them because of their war against Islam and Muslims, citing how the Chinese government has been treating Muslims in their country and the US war in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Speaking on the increasing number of cases of the COVID19 in Somalia, Ali Dhere warned that the virus is being spread by AMISOM and other foreigners in the country, citing that the first case was reported in Halane where AMISOM has a military base. He called on Somalis to struggle towards driving them out of the country as it is the only means in which such infectious diseases could be prevented. “The apostate government based in Mogadishu and its regional administrations are just following the examples of the disbelievers, putting heavy pressure on citizens. A good example is the restrictions imposed on the movement of citizens while Halane-the source of the virus is still in operation” added the group’s spokesman, pointing out authorities have hidden sinister motives on the closures of mosques and religious schools.

Ali Dhere also called on Somalis to reject vaccines, as it is a way of spreading the coronavirus and other diseases to the Muslim world. In the message, the al-Shabaab spokesman called on Somalis and other Muslims in Eastern Africa to repent their sins. Ali Dhere also reiterated that it is an absolute necessity to join the war against the unbelievers in Somalia in order to make sure that the country comes under the shade of Sharia while dumping democracy and other western ideologies.

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