Mar 16, 2020

Sex Kills Al Shabaab militants

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15 Bodies of Al Shabaab militias were discovered in a training camp in Boni forest by KDF soldiers. Besides the bodies, a number of aphrodisiacs including viagra and other stimulants were also discovered. Illicit brew and bang were also found stashed in gunny bags. This was after they received a tip-off from girls who had escaped from the camp. While narrating to the KFD soldiers, the girls claimed that they realized their tormentors started becoming weaker while they were raping them.

“They always use sex-enhancing drugs and stimulants before sleeping with us. As for us, we are not allowed to use drugs. Due to the use of the sex enhancers, they rape us the whole night.” Fauzia (Not her real name) explained. “This time around I think they overdosed themselves with the drugs, that’s why they died.”

The 8 girls who were between 15 and 30 years old are undergoing medication under KDF care. The KDF spokesperson was quoted saying that the girls will be reunited with their families as soon as the doctors discharge them once their health is restored.

Expert says that the overuse of sex enhancement drugs can be dangerous to the heart especially with poor health. The heart is forced to work beyond limits which leads to excess heart pressure. The victim dies of heart failure.

There have been allegations of Al Shababaab militias abusing drugs and preying on small girls while in their training camps. The controversial group which has always claimed to be fighting for the rights of the Muslims always do the exact opposite of what they preach.

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