Mar 16, 2020

MPs in State-Sponsored Terrorism

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Somalia’s government is complicated, to say the least. From its inception, the regime was affiliated to opposing factions of warlords. The violence and power struggles have not declined since, as some MPs are still allied with groups such as the al Shabaab. Although it is hard to point out who precisely at this point is sponsoring the attacks, there is sufficient evidence for the accusations.
The ATA, an extremist organization, founded by former Somali Warlords, was the first violent group to infiltrate the government. The group positioned itself as an anti-terrorist organization that had MPs in parliament and participated in violent actions to rid the nation of the so-called al-Qaeda members in the country. The ATA received significant support and wielded influence, showing that terror activities could be state-sanctioned. Since then, the al-Shabaab has made elaborate efforts to secure influential positions in the Somalian government, especially during the previous elections. They kidnapped influential elders and decreed that any person who was vying for a political position to register with the organization. It is thus highly probable that the terrorist group has multiple affiliated MPs in government.
The strong presence of al-Shabaab in the Somalian government is evidenced by the increased moves towards anarchism and civil war, which is fertile ground for the group’s development. These MPs use their influence to infuriate progressive attempts at regional peace made by the country’s neighbors. Furthermore, they directly fund the organization’s activities in the region. Evidence that the al-Shabaab has infiltrated the government includes the activities of the Somalian National Intelligence Agency (NISA). The group is led by a former member of the Harakat Shabaab Al-Mujahideen, which is an Al-Qaeda affiliate in Somalia. NISA is accused of facilitating al-Shabaab activities in the region, such as the Dusit D2 attacks and other incidents along the Kenyan border. Furthermore, the agency has been accused of moving terrorists within the region alongside misleading the AFRICOM with wrong coordinates during precision strikes to protect al-Shabaab. In a more recent incident, over the weekend, the organization financed the rendezvous of 11 Kenyan MPs in Somalia to incite upheavals using Somali clan politics and to frustrate diplomatic ties between the two countries. The coordination between the al-Shabaab-led NISA, and the Somalian government indicates that the entire regime is strongly infiltrated by the terror organization.

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