Feb 18, 2020

Al Shabaab ideology is not Islam

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“Four pupils, three of whom were siblings, and one teacher were killed.”

This was the headline a few weeks ago after Al Shabaab ruthlessly attacked Saretho primary school. The attack was carried out by about a dozen fighters from the group. This among other recent attacks by the group is more evidence pointing to the malicious and evil agenda of the group. For a group claiming to be promoting Islamic values, they seem to be unbiased in their attacks with most of their attacks involving the deaths of several Muslim faithful.

Fatuma Mohamed, a Kenyan, recounts the death of her 2 sons at the hands of the Al Shabaab. Her son was killed in the attack at Saretho Primary School. “I sent my son to school on Monday morning with a brand new uniform and books. He was very happy. They killed him a day later,” she says. “In 2012, I lost another son to Al Shabaab. He was working for a Norwegian NGO.” Fatuma’s other son was killed during a kidnapping of four aid workers providing key sustenance and development resources to other Muslim and Non-Muslim locals.

The county is an arid and remote region with a largely Muslim, ethnic-Somali population. Many Kenyans from other parts of the country, who are often non-Muslims, come here to work as teachers and civil servants or to take up positions with non-governmental organisations (NGOs).

These attacks have seen the withdrawal of government resources such as Teachers whose lives have been endangered by the group’s activities. This has left the already marginalised area at a disadvantage.


We have seen many incidents where true Muslim faithful have saved non-muslims from the jihadist terror group. Early last year a group of local Muslims were informed that al-Shabaab was planning an attack on “non-local Christian workers” building a government hospital in Kutulo. When the locals were made aware of the possible assault, they quickly informed the workers to leave the building site. The attackers opened fire but no one was injured before they escaped.


The evil that is Al Shabaab doesn’t consider human life as sacred nor do they in any way believe in the doctrines of Islam. Chaos and instability have proven to be their agenda from the word go. With this malicious agenda, they intend to enrich themselves off the blood of innocent civilians.

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