Aug 30, 2019

Al Shabaabs forceful take-over & habitation in civilian residences

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There’s no better cover than to hide in plain sight. Al Shabaab has in the recent past mastered the act of forcefully co-habiting with residents in areas that have large 
populations. This in turn makes it almost impossible for security forces 
to filter them out. It is in a huge way risky to anyone who comes into contact with the 
disguised militia.

Many locals have been maimed, raped, killed and harmed emotionally and mentally in the hands 
of the Al Shabaab. Some of these rebels are brothers who fled home to join the militia only to turn against their own. To them it’s a cursed indoctrination, an oath to harm life itself and in the process to seek relevance, evoke fear and leave a lot of destruction along the way.

A nineteen-year-old Muslim girl, Samira, narrated the torment of how the Al Shabaab terrorists invaded their home where she used to live together with her parents, two older sisters and 
a brother. “It was one early morning,” she said, “When the morning howl & protest by our neighbour’s dog suddenly got cut off, in a matter of minutes men burst into our two roomed house and issued a command that everyone wakes up and keep calm. This was the beginning of nine agonizing days.” She said. “My father and brother were beat up to almost death,” with a shaky voice, tears in her eyes, “those animals raped us in turns, they threatened to execute us one by one in the case of protest or attempted escape, from the outside I think everything seemed normal, but later on, to our realization, the whole neigbourhood, being a small settlement was under siege, she added.

After bringing all this suffering to innocent civilians, the Al Shabaab move on leaving behind scars that never heal, their filthy doctrines and even disease (STD’s). This is wrong in every way and condemned the world over.

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