Aug 21, 2019

Al Shabaab Weakened By Attack On Ali Dhere

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Al-Shabaab spokesperson Ali Dhere was on Sunday morning reportedly gravely wounded in an attack by KDF and Somalia National Army, it has emerged. The statement was put out by a Somali Army radio station that claimed he was injured in an attack at Shaam near the town of Awdhegle.
Mr. Dhere is notorious for issuing statements on behalf of the Al Shabaab often taking responsibility for successful attacks by the militia against AMISOM and SNA, and is rumored to be next in line as Emir. He was touted as one of the co-conspirators against Kenyan born propagandist Mohammed Iman Ali that led to his death by a US airstrike, as part of an ongoing rivalry between Kenyan and Somali fighters in the organization.
He is now rumored to be on the run albeit in bad medical condition as both AMISOM and SNA forces look to rid Somalia of the terror organization. His situation has further weakened the organization as several of their leaders succumb to the continuous ground and aerial bombardment from security forces.
Should he succumb to his injuries, Al Shabaab will be left in a leadership crisis with their current Emir Abu Ubaidah also reported to be in a bad medical condition for the past two years.
The successful onslaught comes almost the same time when militia allied to former Al-Shabaab deputy commander Mukhtar Robow are preparing to launch assaults against AMISOM and SNA.
Al-Shabaab has narrowed attacks to Somalia, targeting civilians and humanitarian aid workers, something that has troubled President Mohammed Farmaajo’s government

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