Aug 20, 2019

Nyumba Kumi & how it can help counter terrorism

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It’s such a pain to see crime and (or) terrorism bringing harm and even death to our families, friends and our fellow countrymen, but it’s even tormenting to know that deep down you could have raised alarm and averted the situation. It is time that we started building a reporting culture by building on our awareness levels and getting involved in our communities.
Today’s society is filled with a lot of ignorance and isolation that most people hardly know who lives next to them. Nothing in the whole world is more dangerous than ignorance. Imagine not having a clue of who your next door neighbour might be, only to realise later on that you’ve all along shared the same gate, the same court probably your children go to the same school with a terrorist.
It’s rather common to find people screaming for help after they have been invaded and nobody comes to help them, as everybody views the other as a danger to them and their property. With the current wave of insecurity in the country, it has become important for us not only to know their neighbour but also make genuine friendships with the neighbours for the sake of security.

The ‘Nyumba Kumi’ strategy requires citizens to know their neighbours and what they do in life. It is an Integrated security framework which involves the active participation of citizens, looking out for one another in an effort to weed out any insecurity elements that may spring up in their midst.

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