Aug 19, 2019

Vigilance in our communities

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The government has always urged Kenyans to remain vigilant and seek strength in each other. This is always important in our communities and also for everyone to be involved in the war against terrorism. In addition to this, our security apparatus has always assured Kenyans of maximum security to everyone in the country

During the August holidays, parents are urged to be on the look-out and also to get involved in their children’s engagements, whereabouts and activities (both in the real world and online, if any). It is in such times when children are on holiday that terrorists enhance and move a gear up in efforts to recruit and radicalize these young, naïve young persons.

For personal safety, it’s always advisable to be vigilant especially in public places where there are crowds and a lot of random activity. Note suspicious faces carrying bags and take necessary action. For those working in offices, work closely with and co-operate with the security persons manning the main entry and exit points. While undergoing security checks and ensure they check everyone without favour. If in doubt or suspicious of any weird or unusual behaviour, you can call 112 or 999 for assistance from the police. The numbers are toll-free and you will be accorded necessary assistance.

Our security forces are always working tirelessly in keeping Kenyans safe.

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