Aug 9, 2019

Technology Aiding Terrorism?

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Technology is terrorism’s most important and effective ally. It not only provides a global audience for violent extremists but also new avenues and opportunities for terrorists to perform their vile acts. Acts of terror have become more personal due to the interconnectivity availed by social media platforms and other communication media such that an act performed in one part of the world strikes fear in the hearts of persons a world away. Not only is technology being used to radicalize and recruit potential targets, but it also enables the perpetrators of a given act of terror to transmit live images to a worldwide audience.
This knack for terrorists to adopt new advances in technology is not new. In the 1970s, terrorists were quick to grasp the potential of overseas TV broadcasts. The terrorist attack on Israeli athletes at the Munich Olympics in 1972 was covered live by the world’s networks, in essence, making them complicit in the terror act. Fast forward to 2019 with the New Zealand attacker who broadcast his actions live on social media.
Furthermore, the greater a society becomes automated, the more vulnerable it would be to cyber-attacks. When power grids, factories, public transport, communication systems, nuclear power plants or even arsenals of a country or even the entire world become networked, the outcome of future wars will be determined even before any conventional military campaign takes place.
As we can see, the biggest beneficiaries of this dark side of technology are not traditional great powers or sovereign states, but terrorists and extremist groups. It is imperative that governments, multinationals and other global stakeholders pay close attention to new emerging trends and their potential impacts in the wrong hands. Contingencies and counter contingencies should be put in place with regard to groundbreaking projects to avoid infiltration through spying or black market dealings. In this way, maybe we can secure the future from senseless acts of violence and terror.

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