Aug 8, 2019

Al Shabaab Stone Mother Of Eight To Death For Alleged Adultery

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Al-Shabaab, the Somali base Islamist group on Tuesday publicly stoned a widow to death for allegedly sleeping with a member of the same organization, reports say. The said militant was reportedly found in the widow’s house and the sentence was immediately passed leading to the public flogging of the widow in the town square.
The sentence was passed by Sheikh Mohamed Abu Abdalla, Al-Shabaab’s governor for Somalia’s Jubba regions in the south. The 30-year-old mother of eight was killed in the presence of all eight of her children. Sources claim that despite her best efforts to appeal the sentence, no trial was conducted.
The event sparked outrage from the immediate community who claim that the said widow was far from adulterous as she was a respected member and leader for the community. According to the locals, the militant had been relentlessly pursuing her for unknown reasons and was caught in the middle of an argument with her over an unknown issue. It is reported that the militant immediately fled the scene and left the woman in the hands of her executioners.
The execution was conducted right in the middle of Sakow town with the militants quoted as ‘using her as an example’, a tactic often employed by the terror organization to instill fear into the locals.
Members of Al-Shabaab have in the past handed out harsh punishments for religious infractions including hacking off of limbs for alleged thieves and public executions, with most sentenced without trial.

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