Jul 31, 2019

Dear Parents, let us protect our children this August holidays

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Parents today have an uphill climb in trying to keep up with their children, especially when they hit puberty, a stage where there’s a lot of resistance from the teenagers and peer pressure is largely experienced. In the society that we live in today, there are many factors that directly affect the way of life; these are mainly social, religious and economic factors. Parents and guardians work tirelessly to instill a set of values and discipline in their children as they grow to become responsible citizens.

The Al Shabaab militia group on the other hand is a destroyer of such, a modern-day scourge which recruits with no order or discrimination of any sort, whether rich or poor, Islam or Christian, whether in youth or old age. This poses a huge threat to all of us. The government works diligently to provide security and avert the threat of recruitment to our children. Parents currently have no option but to join in; rather than point fingers at the government when recruitment occurs.
When a loved one is lost at any stage of life or having them turned into an extremist who would later come back to terrorise and kill us is quite sad and the pain is unbearable.

During this August break, let us all get actively involved with our children. Recruitment grounds are now in our very own estates, schools, places of worship and in our very own living rooms on social media platforms and mobile apps. It is evident that as individuals we should stand up for what is right, the fight against terrorism is for all of us. Parents should be vigilant at every level, have a keen eye with the eagerness to engage with their children. They should be the first to pick out any form of change whether in behaviour or mannerisms. If only any tendencies of radicalisation even on one person can be identified at an early stage and appropriate action taken, the fight against radicalisation will be won if everyone plays their role.

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