Jul 25, 2019

Show of Resilience by Mandera residents in preventing an Al-Shabaab Attack

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There was a confrontation between locals and Al-Shabaab gunmen in Kutulo, Mandera County at a construction site of a local hospital. The witnesses say that they were about 20 workers working at the site when the three gunmen raided the hospital in search of non-locals. Before they arrived at the site, the locals who had seen them informed the non-local workers to vacate the area. The locals confronted them as they were going to the site saying there were no non-local at the site.

The North Eastern regional commissioner Mohamed Birik says that the locals confronted the gunmen which led them to fail to get what they wanted. The action by the locals saved many lives. When they saw they were defeated the gunmen opened fire before they escaped but no one was injured. The targeted workers were later evacuated to nearby Elwak Centre by police amid fears of more planned attacks.

This comes after the pressure to re-open mines in the region after been closed when four miners were killed by suspected Al Shabaab militants at the Shimbir Fatuma quarry in Mandera south. The interior cabinet secretary DR Fred Matiangi said that it was not the intention of the government to sabotage or kill the economy of the region but the concern was the level of insecurities at the quarries. He had last month re-assured Mandera leaders that quarry mines in the region will be re-opened soon but in a structured manner.

The quarry association and County Government tried to convince the security team to reopen the quarry fields but were unsuccessful. The high court lifted the ban but the stone mining has remained unattended to. Interior cabinet secretary DR Fred Matiangi said the increasing insecurity incidents in Mandera are alarming and are hampering development, but the government has made good progress and they will make an announcement very soon. Governor Ali Roba denied that Sh3 billion revenue was annually after the closure of the Kenya-Somalia border since 2014 had slowed economic growth.

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