Jul 9, 2019

12 Kenyans executed in a week

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In a span of just six days, the Somali-based terrorist group Alshabaab has executed 12 Kenyans within their ranks. According to a media channel, Garowe, 7 were executed on Monday last week while the other five were put to death on Wednesday. These killings are as a result of suspicion of spying for the Kenyan and US governments.

Last year, an Alshabaab commander only known as Abdi had issued directives that for every successful drone or aerial attack carried out by the US or AMISOM forces, people will be held accountable. On 27th June, the US military reported that it conducted a successful air strike in Kunyo Barow district killing several Alshabaab militants. Twelve people were arrested and charged with colluding with the ‘enemy’- which is a serious crime and punishable by death, eight were found guilty after they could not convincingly explain where they were during the time of the attack. Of the eight, seven of them were Kenyans and were executed in public.

Five more Kenyans were executed by firing squad last Wednesday in a town of Xagar in Lower Jubba Region. According to a Somali-based journalist Harun Maruf, the five were aged between 24-59.

Kenyans in Alshabaab have been hit hard by these executions, which have also created a rift between them and their Somali counterparts. Of the last 14 suspects executed, 12 were Kenyans and only 2 were Somali natives.
Since January, more than 30 airstrikes have been conducted and every strike means more executions, Kenyans have been the obvious victims.

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