Jul 4, 2019

Clan wars escalate Al Shabaab Mistrust

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Recent reports paint a picture of mistrust and sabotage deep within the Al Shabaab’s southern command after the public execution of two foreign fighters by an Al Shabaab unit headed by the now infamous AbdiRahman Fillow. The 2 foreign fighters were accused of spying for a rival commander whose identity has yet to be disclosed.

The executions have however been linked to the defection of another senior Al Shabaab commander who defected from the group and surrendered to the Somali government in the southwestern Gedo region. According to reports, Aden Abdi Mohamed known as “Aden Obe” surrendered near the main Bardhere town together with another Al-Shabab official identified as Aden Mohamoud who is described as a taxation official.

The reports suggest a link between the two foreign fighters and the defected leaders, referencing divided loyalty which AbdiRahman Fillow is known not to condone. Deputy Governor of Gedo region Mohamed Hussein Al-Qaadi said the two men had been in contact with federal government officials who tried to convince them to switch allegiance with the help of their already defected leaders. Obe previously was a member of the Islamic Courts Union which ruled south central Somalia for six months in 2006.

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