Jun 26, 2019

Child soldiers a reality in Al Shabaab camps

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Al Shabaab abducts hundreds of children each year, both boys and girls. Some are taken in for ransom demands (but never get to see freedom even after payment has been done), while others are abducted as this militia group takes over helpless, innocent villages and towns, and moreover some are born – off sex slavery cases in Al Shabaab camps.

It is an obscene life for the little ones, having to bear a lot of pain and a life full of torment. These children do anything and everything from trafficking arms and drugs, suicide missions, to digging graves for the dead among other things. Most of them do not make it through their teenage years, they die either from malnutrition, sexually transmitted illnesses or in the battlegrounds front row, providing cover to these cowardly goons.

This is a clear indicator that the Al Shabaab menace is here with us & will pull us down at every opportune moment, even threatening future generations. The threat to our communities, especially our children is real. We need not initialize blame games from within when a mistake happens, but rather keep up the good fight against violent extremism until this scourge is no more. KDF has played a huge role in rescue missions of such children as they fight to eradicate the Al Shabaab; these children are later rehabilitated and given a deserving life. Lastly, all parents, guardians/custodians should engage regularly with their children and keep a close check on any external engagements that they encounter to avert the threat of radicalization which is fast creeping in.

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