Jun 25, 2019

UN Expresses Outrage Over Rape and Killing of 12-Year Old Girl in Puntland

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The United Nations has expressed concern over the death of 12-year-old Najmo Abdilkadir Hassan from Burtinle in Puntland who passed on after suffering a brutal gang rape by Alshabaab militants on 19 June 2019.

“UNFPA strongly condemns this barbaric act of gender-based violence. We stand with Najmo’s family and call for a speedy investigation into this grave crime. Perpetrators must be held to account”, read part of the statement.

The scale and gravity of similar attacks in the country recently mark a disturbing escalation of violence. Violence against women and girls harms families and communities across generations and reinforces other forms of violence currently prevalent in Somali society.

“We must work together to prevent such acts of sexual violence so everyone can live without fear and in freedom no matter their age or gender”

UNFPA called on all stakeholders to strengthen efforts to protect women and children in Somalia.

Women who turn down Alshabaab mostly end-up being abducted or worse, gang-raped. Last year, a Kenyan woman narrated how she was raped by Kenyan Al-Shabaab militants in Boni Forest and identified her assailants after authorities placed bounties on their heads. In one of the most tragic tales from the besieged terrorist hideout, a young woman Aisha (not her real name) recognized the men who gang-raped her when she saw their pictures splashed on mainstream media.

The two rapists are Issah Abdallah Ahmed aka Kauni and Ahmed Said Omar aka Dogo whom Kenyan police put on the terror watch list as some of the militia who captured and sexually assaulted her in Boni forest.

She narrated how the two, together with other militia in the forest, repeatedly gang-raped her and beat her up.

She said there were other women who are too afraid to be interviewed.

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