Jun 7, 2019

Women In Terrorism

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Whenever we speak about hardship in specific tasks or chores; for instance, crane operators, heavy machinery and equipment operators etc., male figures come into our imagination. Similarly when it comes to military engagements and operations on the battleground or war. Over the years this has taken a shift and in the modern world, the approach is quite different. In matters terrorism, the role of women is evident and has been highlighted in many recent attacks.

The Al Shabaab in Somalia has brought a collapse or a major upset in the normal day to day running of the country. This affects the whole region and mainly Somali citizens. From a tender age, children, especially boys are forcefully indoctrinated and radicalised to becoming violent extremists. Girls are also not left behind in this and are mainly used to reproduce a pure breed generation of the militia fighters. Seen as feeble, these women are not left at that, they are used as a good disguise while transporting weapons and drugs for instance across border points and some even end up on the end of a dead man’s switch to die for the cowardly and folly course that is terrorism.

Some women are and have been victims of circumstance, finding themselves right in the jaws of terrorism in a rather forced manner. Some are in willingly, seeking identity and some seeking a sense of belonging, trying to find better only to end up angry and bloodthirsty. This is quite the opposite of a culture that expects women to be the nurturing, the maternal force behind humanity.

Counter terrorism efforts have been in place to intervene, thus rescuing many of these girls and women and de-radicalising them, after which they’re carefully integrated back into the society. Worth to note is that many women are now involved or leading in efforts to fight against terrorism and radicalisation.

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Women in Terrorism

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