May 30, 2019

The internet and terrorism

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The internet is a pleasant place to be while one is new at it, after digging deeper it then takes one through a mixed-feelings and quite opinionated rollercoaster. As it develops with the creation of apps and social platforms to make us smarter and help us interact freely and widely, it also gives room for criminals, bullies and terrorists to rick havoc.
Radicalisation has taken deep root through the internet. Terrorists have learned what drive people and have carefully gone into crafting narratives for various different audiences through films, fliers, radio and even word of mouth and to some extent sign language. It’s not the tech that actually pushes their narratives to win hearts but mostly the vulnerabilities and desires of their audiences.
As much as we may work towards muting and pulling-down content that has been placed by the radicalisers, the human journey has to be addressed. Radicalisation is a process during which there are a lot of gaps and questions; religion, ideology etc. – it’s not a yes or no affair. Speaking up against marketing propaganda by experts and scholars is good enough but tragically might not reach the people that need the information.
Search engine optimization (SEO) for relevant information should be one of the key drivers to invite users to clerics or experts who would intercept user’s right before they fall into the wrong narratives. Any information should be critically looked at and we should all be envoys of the correct narratives, teaching true Islam where appropriate and educating against hate.

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