May 24, 2019

Dead man’s switch gone wrong

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A would-be suicide bomber wearing suicide vest masquerading as a poet was wrestled to the ground, beaten and detained in Guri-El town (central Somalia) by Ahlu Sunna Wal-Jama forces as he tried to blow himself up at a parade to commemorate Sufi fighters who died fighting Al-Shabaab. Source says he was heading towards VIPs when intercepted. The man wanted to take the microphone saying he wanted to eulogies ASWJ leaders, according to a witness in the crowd. Sufis are said to be one of the genuine people complementing AMISOM and the Somalia federal government in the war against Al Shabab

The would-be suicide bomber is said to have been drunk at the time he embarked on his deadly mission. According to eye-witnesses, he was drunk and disorderly, that is when he rose suspicion from those attending the commemoration event. After being beaten by the mob, he confessed that he had been forced to drink alcohol and bang before engaging on his mission; little did he knew he had forgotten the explosive’s switch at the place he was intoxicating himself.

He led the Ahlu Sunna Wal-Jama forces to the hideout where he was being prepared for the mission where they found the explosive’s switch at the scene. He said he had been sent by the Al Shabaab militants to kill those attending the event. Security has since been tightened at the scene with government forces mapping up the area in search of accomplices.

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