May 21, 2019

Troubled Jeshi Ayman

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An Al Shabaab wing popularly known as Jeshi Ayman formerly led by Kenyan born Ahmed Iman is said to be largely disintegrated after their leader was killed by airstrikes in Somalia. The militants are said to have had a hard time since the KDF led campaign ‘Operation Linda Boni Forest’ was initiated. They lost a sizeable number of soldiers who were either killed by the Kenya Defense Forces or surrendered to the troops. Their leader being killed came as a surprise to the militants as they did not have a leadership successional structure.

The group is said to be in tatters trying to get a replacement as the junior commander’s fight to get the top spot. With the group split into two factions, the transnational fighters also known as Mujahiruns mainly comprising of Kenyans who want a replacement to be a Kenyan while local fighter popularly referred to as the Ansaris mainly comprising of Somalis prefer a Somali leader. The two groups are said to have had sporadic fights which have left several fighters dead with scores suffering severe injuries.

Media reports indicate that other than the group losing its pioneer leader and losing the forest as their hide-out, they have lost lots of revenue after KDF took control of Boni forest. They adversely depended on illegal charcoal business from the forest to fund their operations; not anymore. Ahmed had a network of international links where he relied on handouts that kept the fighters going, with his demise, hell gazes on the Jeshi Ayman fighters. The rag-tag militias are said to have settled on stealing food from the locals especially during this time of Ramadhan.

Pundits have it that the group, which was mandated with carrying out attacks and kidnappings in North-Eastern and Coastal parts of Kenya might be on its deathbed. The sporadic attacks initially staged by the group have gone to a negligible decimal since the death of Ahmed Iman as they lack funds and coordination during their operations. With the group exposed, KDF has thwarted most of the attacks they were planning to stage in Kenya and beyond. It is reported that the disintegration has affected Alshabaab in general especially with the clanism factor playing a major role in Alshabaab leadership.

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