May 16, 2019

Trends in modern Cybersecurity

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The 21st century is not giving any sign that the advancements in technology are slowing down. Rapid developments in the sectors guarantee equal chances of vulnerability in our digital spheres. Accordingly, over the past decade or so, we have witnessed a fundamental shift in the trends driving cybersecurity necessitating attention to said developments. Therefore, as consumers, we ought to be at the forefront of the informed trend updates.

Increased malicious activity is hard to miss in the cyber world. Data breaches are not a new thing in cybersecurity. However, the rate at which they have grown is alarming in the sector. Observers attribute the phenomenon to the expansion of the landscape for points of attacks across the globe. In other words, this means that as more systems are increasingly becoming digitized more exploits are being exposed. These could include typical data breaches or infiltration and the subsequent destruction of critical infrastructure systems. Therefore, increased dependability on digital systems has created more opportunities for hackers despite the route they take.

It has been argued that people are getting smarter with time progression. This claim is substantiated when it comes to cybercrimes. Hackers are becoming unbelievably more intelligent utilizing multiple advanced technologies. An example is a recent obsession with artificial intelligence. Hackers are actively deploying AI-based technologies to look for and exploit vulnerabilities in systems. Such feats require complicated knowledge base that was in the rudimentary stages barely a decade ago. Accordingly, cybersecurity is currently driven by the arms race of technical advancements.

Next, hackers have honed new strategies. Examples include DDoS attacks, extortion, and cryptocurrency are some of the popular current trends in the industry. Distributed denial of service attacks, popularly known as DDoS attacks, for example, is a new tool that seems to have caught on popularity in over recent times. Here, the hackers flood the bandwidth and the resources of a target system using multiple systems in order to make services on the victim inaccessible. Such occurrence has been reported to cripple down the entire utility infrastructures in particular parts of the US, and Europe indicates the severity of such strategies. Therefore, the new age cybersecurity attack strategies are adapted for current times.

The last trend in the cybersecurity is organized hacking efforts. Governments and terrorist groups have come to understand the vitality of digital information systems. Hence, the said entities have all made significant measures to beef up their particular camps in bids of defending themselves or carrying out organized hacks. In an article named ‘The Risks Posed by Jihadist Hackers,’ the author identifies the potential terrorist group poses in the cyber world. Examples include the spread of radical messages coordinated large scale to influence political opinion or specific outcomes in the modern setting. Therefore, high-level coordination is a severe threat to information systems globally.

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