May 16, 2019

Al Shabaab camp in center of cholera outbreak

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A recent report out of Jubaland Somalia suggests a cholera outbreak that has left several Alshabaab militants dead. This comes after heavy rains that pounded the area in the last month. A recent aerial photo taken during the floods shows large areas submerged, prompting mass migration by locals in search of food and safety. Alshabaab was however forced to retreat into a nearby forest after rumors became rife that U.S drones were conducting surveillance in the area said to house one of their largest camps.

The report was further backed up by the surrender of three militants, who approached a KDF roadblock waving white flags in a desperate attempt to save their lives. The three were later diagnosed with cholera with one of them later succumbing to the disease. The remaining survivors narrated a dire situation even describing one of their encampments as ‘the valley of death’. It is purported that the recent kidnap of Cuban doctors from the Kenyan border town of Mandera was part of a grander plot to treat ailing Alshabaab militants as the dreaded disease tore through their ranks.

This implies that Alshabaab has been thoroughly degraded from continuous assaults by AMISOM and SNA forces. This, coupled with US drone strikes have left the militant group in proverbial limbo. They have now settled for benign tactics like kidnap to bait media attention and keep their relevance. Several outlets claim this move as a play for ransom but thanks to cholera, we now know that it was a desperate attempt to save their own skins from the wrath of mother nature.

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