May 15, 2019

17 al shabaab militants killed in a failed attack

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Somalia armed militia group Al Shabaab attempted an attack on Kenyan Defence Forces under African Union mission AMISOM base near Kismayo, a town that lies some 500km south of Mogadishu.
Intelligence sources within AMISOM had warned of an impending attack on one of the KDF bases in Somalia facilitating a adequate preparation. On arrival, the militants were met with heavy gunfire.
The KDF officers managed to repel the militants in the process killing several while others managed to escape with bullet wounds. It is unclear how many militants were wounded but a total of 17 were killed during the incident.
Two KDF officers were also wounded and were airlifted to Nairobi for specialised treatment. The two are said to be stable and recuperating well.
The attack comes as the Somalia National Army (SNA) backed by the AMISOM troops continue to degrade Al Shabaab. The US has also drastically stepped up airstrikes against Al-Shabaab in Somalia since Donald Trump took office, carrying out at least 47 such strikes in the year 2018. They have mostly targeted top leaders or key financial officials. The airstrikes hamper the extremist group’s activities and movements.
The Al-Qaeda linked Al-Shabaab militants continue to hold small rural areas in central and southern Somalia. The group wants to overthrow the weak UN-backed government in Somalia and impose its own strict interpretation of Islamic law.
It has lost control of many towns and cities to a 22,000-strong African Union force supporting the government.

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