May 3, 2019


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An Alshaabab fighter in Janaale, Somalia is said to be nursing suicide wounds after he tried to take his life with an AK47. The young man-who is only identified as Omar ‘Pogba’, allegedly shot himself on Sunday evening after an English Premier league Match between Manchester United and Chelsea FC. Omar is said to be a Manchester United die-hard fan and could not absorb the dismal performance and results of the team he supports.

According to a close friend, ‘Pogba’ lost a consecutive bet to a friend and had high hopes of recovering money after the Chelsea-Man United match, which he hoped Manchester United would win.

The source says that Alshabaab militants were watching the match in one of their leader’s tent. After the match, it is said Omar rushed out with his rifle to his tent and after a few minutes people heard a gunshot. Thinking they were being attacked, everyone took cover in their bunkers only for one of the fighters to shout ‘Pogba has killed himself’. A few fighters rushed to his tent and found him in a pool of blood writhing in pain. He had targeted his heart but missed it as the length of the rifle made it hard for him to accurately aim it. He is receiving treatment but militants were given strict orders not to leak the information for fear of painting the terror outfit in bad light.

Alshabaab has prohibited locals from watching or openly supporting football teams, which they term as ‘haram’. The hypocrisy exhibited by the Somali terror outfit is not only in watching football matches but also in gambling, use of drugs and homosexuality inside their camps.

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