Mar 20, 2019

A terrorist: Lessons from Christchurch mosque attack

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Brenton Terrant, a 28-year-old extremist who subscribed to an extreme group called “The reborn Knights of the Templar” targeted innocent Muslims performing Friday prayer in congregation, just like any other terrorist, he went for the soft target to maximize casualties.

But this was a different kind of terrorism, unlike the ISIS and Al Shabaab, he made his motives clear for all to understand why he is doing this evil act. Which included;

  • For Muslim Communities to overreact and start a sectarian war.
  • Incite Violence and Retaliation.
  • To Intimidate and ensure there will be Physical removal of Migrants from “White Lands”.
  • To Make Muslims Abandon the Mosque for fear.

These are clear indications of how insane he is, unfortunately for him, everything went against his wishes. The attack brought more people together in Christchurch and globally. Muslims globally went to several mosques to make special prayers for the victims while the Non-Muslims brought flowers and stayed outside the mosque to protect them.


  1. Extremist Share a lot.

All those who commit acts of mass murder share sets of hateful belief. This is a serious social problem caused by among many other things, demographic change, inequality, poverty and lack of knowledge.

Most of the grievances by these radicals are galvanized by ideologies that tend to focus on very limited ideas to interpret the world, where events are re-packaged into existing beliefs and assumptions.


  1. Muslims are the biggest victims of terrorist attacks.

ISIS in Syria and Iraq and Al Shabaab in Somalia have killed more Muslims in the world than anything else, now comes the right-wing extremism who have massacred Muslims in Quebec, US, Oslo and now New Zealand.

  1. Terrorism has no religion or race.

Whether it is ISIS or right-wing extremist, they are all terrorist whose intent is to cause havoc and mass killings targeting innocent people as soft targets. This is a clear indication of how anyone can be radicalised into committing acts of violence.

In conclusion, when one is radicalised no one is spared, he/she sees every other person as the evil that needs to be eliminated. It is, therefore, everybody’s responsibility to ensure that we do not fall into the traps of these evil-minded radicals who want to start sectarian wars all over the world. Talk to your kids and make them understand the dangers of radicalisation. If we all keep vigilant and work closely with the security agencies then we can overcome anything!


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