Mar 15, 2019

Bizarre execution

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Al Shabaab has controversially executed a 15 years old boy publicly for allegedly listening to ‘western’ music. Mohammed Ali was undergoing his A level education in Kenya where he lived with his parents. He went to visit his grandparents in Somalia where they reside. Upon reaching Jilib, his ancestral home, Mohammed decided to walk around the city as he wanted to get accustomed to the place he had called home for 10 years while listening to rap music from his phone via earphones.

Upon reaching Jilib town, Mohammed was spotted by a Mujaheed humming to the music while rhythmically swinging his head. The Mujaheed immediately arrested him and called for assistance from his fellow militias. After listening to the music Mohammed was playing in his phone, they unanimously agreed that he was going against Sharia laws by listening to Western music which is considered haram. They also accused him of being an infidel.

The Mujaheeds immediately took the law into their hands in the streets and sentenced the innocent Mohammed to death by beheading with immediate effect. “This infidel will serve as an example to all those who are sympathizing with the infidel’s government and those in support of the infidels.” One of the masked Mujaheeds announced as the crowd gathered to witness the execution, while the shaken Mohammed was being tied like a sacrificial lamb weeping.  His uncles’ efforts to save him were futile as he was threatened that he would face the same fate if he persists.

In cold blood, the young boy’s neck was chopped off to the applause of the Mujaheeds who had gathered around. When asked why the boy was not given a fair trial, the executor said that what the boy did was not Sunnah and everyone knows that Prophet Mohammed (Pbuh) did not listen to music. Mohammed’s childhood friend Aisha Ahmed while crying condemned the actions by the militants saying they do not serve the Muslim ummah rather they are organized criminals purporting to be Muslims. She said a young man’s dreams had been cut short innocently by the militants.

Efforts to reach for her family proved futile as they feared for their lives. It is not clear how Al Shabaab interprets Sharia law or if they have their own way of administering the so-called justice to the victims. Mohammed Ali now becomes part of the statistics of the innocent Muslims who have suffered atrocities afflicted to them by the Al Shabaab.

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