Mar 14, 2019

MRX Youth initiative fighting radicalization

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Kenyan youth have been the most affected by terrorism as they are targeted for radicalization or in acts of terrorism. Jobless youth are lured into terrorism with a promise of good-paying jobs while the rich and educated are enticed with the assurance of better lives.

The fight against radicalization and terrorism has for a long time been believed to be the sole responsibility of the government, youth and the society in general has a key role to play.

MRX is a youth media agency that seeks to inspire the youth as well as connecting brands to the youth. They hold periodic youth forums where they invite experts to talk to the Kenyan young people. On Saturday 9th March, they held a forum at the Bomb Blast Memorial Park hosted by NRG Radio personality Mwalimu Rachael.

Godfrey Muhambi of Lenga Ugaidi Na Talanta was one of the speakers who talked about radicalization and terrorism in general. “You cannot tell a terrorist by just looking at them, anyone can be,” Muhambi said. In the interactive session, Godfrey who is a terrorist and security expert put youth task as he highlighted their roles in the fight. “Your biggest role is the most important, to stop radicalization. Do not fall into their traps, divert your energies to more productive activities and most of all report any suspicious person, activity or item to the authorities”.

One of the youth in the forum was a Westgate attack victim. He said the attack changed his life completely and that is when he decided to start sensitizing the youth about the dangers of engaging in terrorism related activities.

The next MRX forum will be held in June while Lenga Ugaidi Na Talanta will be running an art-themed competition around that time to help sensitize the youth on their roles in the fight against radicalization and terrorism.

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