Mar 12, 2019

Wrangles within al shabaab will be the end of the group

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When ISIS commanders in Iraq defied the orders given by the Al-Qaida leaders and decided to kill anyone who disagreed with them, Al Shabaab thought they are spared because they are way far from Iraq and continued to pledge allegiance to Al Qaida commanders.

Fast forward a few years later, Al Shabaab is struggling with uprising wrangles every morning of defiant foreign fighters who want to form or pledge allegiance to Islamic state Terrorist group.

These had led to the execution of several foreign fighters who have been accused of spying for ISIS and causing disturbance within the Al Shabaab ranks. However, these action by leaders has only propelled more fighters who feel alienated to join the movement of defiance and publically declaring allegiance to Abubakr Al Baghdadi the leader of ISIS.

Several reports from Somalia show that the in-fighting within Al Shabaab has weakened the group massively, with commands not obeyed and several foreign fighter downing tools and others forming a resistant force within the group.

The wrangles have created a gateway for security forces to recruit and turn several militant members for spying. Air strikes have been successful in the recent past due to accurate info given to security apparatus by feed-up militants who have decided to work with security forces in the hoping of ending the group completely.


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