Feb 28, 2019


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Harakat Al-Shabaab Al-Mujahideen commonly known as just Alshabaab started their activities in 2006. After the fall of Somalia’s Central government in 1991, clans started governing themselves. There was the emergence of armed clan militias that were ruthless. People butchered others-as the world watched until they agreed to have regional religious courts to govern them. These courts came together to form a national outfit that was known as the Islamic Court Union (ICU). Its mandate was to give direction and settle disputes in a religious way. Al-Shabaab was a hard-line militant youth movement within the Islamic Court Union.

ICU was fighting the newly installed Transitional Federal Government of Somalia (TFG) and ICU slip and died.  Alshabaab benefited from the fall of ICU as the government was not viewing them as a big threat at that time as ICU. Alshabaab whose members were young people full of energy and innovations took social media as a platform to appeal to a global audience. They captured the hearts and minds of vulnerable and illiterate Somali people by claiming that they were there to protect them.

In 2012, the group pledged allegiance to Al-Qaeda, although their request was sent before Osama Bin Laden was killed by the US, it was his successor Ayman Al Zawahiri who accepted their request. As the government of Somalia has been pursuing stability, Alshabaab has been prevailing and ISIS in the Middle East and Europe has occupied the western countries. Only underfunded African Union Mission In Somalia (AMISOM) forces and Somali National Army have been all along fighting Alshabaab.

When ISIS’ capability was minimized almost to extinction level, the world over have the needed time to concentrate on feeder militia groups with an aim of eradicating terrorism from the face of the earth. In the recent past, The US military has been bombarding Alshabaab territories and neutralizing terrorist cell inside Somalia. This year alone, over 10 drone attacks have been carried out with lethargic precision targeting Alshabaab high and middle-level commanders.

The unfortunate terror attack on Dusit2 Hotel in Nairobi was a kick of a dying horse from a group that is looking to maintain relevance. Alshabaab is on its deathbed.

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