Feb 28, 2019

AMISOM, a success in Somalia

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Somalia’s economy has grown drastically for the last five years with boosts in tourism and exports. This is attributed to the AMISOM forces who have been instrumental in their peacekeeping efforts in the war-torn horn of African country. Somalia is rich in natural resources including minerals and boasts of having the longest shore in Africa, but she has not been able to explore these multi-resources due to instability since the assassination of the then head of state SiadBarre in the early 90s, plunging the country into utter chaos.

Concerned about the challenges their neighbour was facing, East African countries, through the umbrella body of African Mission In Somalia (AMSIOM), Djibouti, Uganda, Kenya, and Ethiopia entered Somalia for a peacekeeping mission. The course has been very successful with the troops alongside Somali National Army (SNA) taking over most of the towns initially under Al Shabaab control. Some of the towns which were Al Shabaab’s major source of revenue includes Kismayo, Bay Bakool, Baidoa, Bardheere, Baarawe among others. Losing control of these towns marked the beginning of the end of Al Shabaab.

With a stable and peaceful Somalia, business and tourism are thriving like never before. Militants now operate from the bushes where they have been reduced to petty thieves from villages. AMISOM has been able to crack the clannism riddle which has been a major factor in Somali history. AMISOM has been able to unite most of the clans in the regions they are protecting. They are now working hand in hand with an objective of building a better Somalia.

In a very long time, Somalia is now reaping big from farming and horticulture. Fresh fruits, flowers and vegetables are hitting the European and Asian markets daily. Reports indicate that if AMISOM forces remain in Somalia longer, Somalia will be one of the leading economies in East and Central Africa. For a country’s economy to grow, all it needs is a peaceful environment backed up with sound policies from the central government. This is what attracts both local and international investors.

AMISOM boss Brig. Gen. Michael Kabango said that the contingent will do all that it can to secure Somalia and the interests of the people. He said one of the main objectives of AMISOM is to see a stable Somalia free from terrorist to enable a conducive environment for Somalis to practice their religion and go on with their daily businesses.


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