Feb 7, 2019

Terrorists are NOT Muslims

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The term terrorism became popular after the 9/11 attacks in the United States. The attack was referred to, as an act of terrorism and the perpetrator’s terrorists. However, there has not been a universally agreed definition of terrorism that mainly involves the killing of innocent to further an agenda.

Terrorism and terrorists have been defined by the affected according to security needs and objectives. For example in the Middle East, Israel refers to Hamas and Hezbollah as terrorists while in Palestine they are political parties, in Afghanistan and some Arab communities; Al Qaeda is not a terrorist group.

As the world struggles to agree on the definition of who terrorists really are, there is almost a unanimous concurrence that they are Muslims simply because they adorn Islamic robes and sometimes headscarves. The terrorists also utter some Arabic words similar to those found in the Holy Quran.

These unfortunate stereotyping has led to discrimination against Muslim community who in most cases are victims of terrorism. The unfortunate estrangement shown by non-Muslims is an unfair practice to humanity keeping in mind the efforts Muslims have been taking to denounce terrorists and terrorism in entirety.

A mixture of different characters makes up every society. There is no society that constitutes a perfect set of individuals. Bad elements are a part of us and it is unfortunate to victimize the whole group because of a few individuals, as it would be unfair to positively acclaim a group because of one good character.

Islam is the most affected society by terrorism as opposed to many people’s views. For unknown reasons, terrorists take a few excerpts from the Holy Quran and distort them to suit their evil agenda. The most distorted narrative is Jihad. Jihad, as explained in the Quran, means ‘to strive’. Striving to make better as opposed to widely spread ‘Holy war’. There is nothing holy about war and Allah (SWT) is peace-loving and so is Islam. Anyone who spreads violence purporting to be in the name of religion is a liar.

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