Feb 4, 2019

How the society can fight terrorism

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Every terrorist attack is unique on its own, but in most cases, it is well planned with a clear objective in mind. When they attack, amongst other objectives, they want to be heard and felt across the world, and they entirely depend on the media and social media to propagate this objective. What a better way to achieve this by using the same victims to promote the enemy!

Power of the Media

Every time there is a terrorist attack every media station rushes at the crime scene to be the first to break the news and broadcast every account of the attack in real time! What they do not know is that that is exactly what the terrorists want. The masterminds will always switch on their television sets to follow the events closely from the comfort of their hideouts and give more instructions to the suicide attackers basing on what they see on the television. In fact, they attack so that both local and international media can cover them as widely as possible and inform the whole world that they have successfully executed their evil act!

Media blackout will make terrorism face irrelevancy leading to their natural death! If they know that whatever they are risking for is of no consequence and no one will hear about it then they will not risk their lives for such an unworthy cause. The mainstream media should shun from giving terrorists free airtime that runs sometimes into days or even months of free publicity.

Sharing videos and pictures

Social media has become one of the main medium in which after an attack, terrorists enjoy free coverage and their messages are propagated to the rest of the world. WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube are some of the platforms widely misused by society to share videos and pictures of the aftermaths of the attack. Bodies and bloody injured victims are broadcasted from one platform to another. Through that, fear and state of panic are created across the board aiding terrorists in achieving their objective of bringing the country to a standstill, this will definitely, in turn, affect the economy in terms of stock exchange and tourism among others.

The public should avoid by all means to share pictures and videos after a terrorist attack, rather they should come together in adding in the rescue mission and avoid endangering more lives.


Terrorism has basically affected everyone in the world negatively despite race, religion, region or political stand. Unfortunately, there are those who aid terrorists in accomplishing their inhumane deeds against humanity. They either facilitate them financially, logistically or even offer them hospitality. Then most affected people by terrorism are the Muslims. Terrorism has taken innocent Muslims lives more than any other religion in the world.
Ironically, some of us in the society facilitate them in the name of Jihad or simply brotherhood. The same people that we hide amongst ourselves will one day turn out to be our worst enemies. They will either kill us or kill our kins at some point.

Community policing

After all is said and done, it is imperative for everyone to be involved in the fight against terrorism. Initiatives like nyumba kumi are key in the fight against terrorism. Ensure you get to know all your neighbors personally, what they do, and if possible their friends. The community should work hand in hand with the security apparatus since the intelligence from the community will help the law enforcing institutions to thwart an attack before it is fatal. If you see anything suspicious do not keep quiet. Report to the relevant authorities

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