Jan 28, 2019

Avoid buying second hand communication gadgets

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In the wake of Dusit terror attack, people are drawing a list of lessons learned and things that would have been avoided. Although there are some things that need specialized training and equipment to achieve, still there are others that can be done by private citizens to ensure their safety and those around them.
Reporting any suspicious activity or person was one of the lessons; had it been realized early enough maybe some things would have been avoided. This would involve good cooperation between security organs and the citizens, where citizens help the police to protect them even better.
However, there are some things that citizens need to learn to keep themselves safe lest they get themselves on the wrong side of police and law enforcers. It would be frightening for an innocent citizen to be accused of terrorism and her/his face brandished on the media by the police as ‘most wanted’ criminal.
Two days before the heinous act of terror, one of the accomplices posted some items on social media, which she wanted to sell; among them a smartphone.
Many people have a tendency of buying the thing just because they are available and cheap which is understandable. However, it is not advisable to buy communication gadgets like smartphones. No matter how people tell you that they will ‘completely erase’ all the data inside, it can always be retrieved. Imagine a person, who would have bought the phone on the eve of the attack, then the forensic investigations point to your ‘new’ gadget you bought even without a receipt. They would waste a lot of time energy and resources trying to explain their innocence.
There have been many cases of people who have been charged with murder because they unknowingly bought a gadget on the streets belonging to a victim. Things like those could be avoided had someone controlled their urge to buy cheap. In this ‘information age,’ data and information can be retrieved from as far as the manufacturers meaning nothing can be erased completely. To avoid all these, it is advisable not to be enticed by fancy gadgets which are cheap but instead buy something new that is within your means.

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