Nov 27, 2018

Government Compensates Terrorism Victims In New Counter-Terrorism Measure

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In an effort to assist those who have been affected by terrorism in volatile parts of Kenya, the government is compensating non-locals who have over the time fallen victim to terrorist activities by losing property, their loved ones and even jobs and businesses due to disability.

Josephine Nekesa, has been teaching in Mandera for the last 10 years. She is one of those who narrowly survived the Mandera bus attack. Nekesa said that with the help of her friend, they escaped into the bush in darkness before the militants caught up with them.

“I lost my close friends and colleagues on that fateful day, but I thank God we have picked up our lives and moved on”. The resilient Nekesa from Bungoma still travelled back to Mandera to continue with her work of giving back to the society. She says refusing to go back to Mandera would mean the terrorist triumphed. “I thank the government because they have compensated most of the non-locals who have been affected by terrorism. Security has also increased and normalcy has resumed.” concluded Nekesa.

Programmes to integrate the non-locals have also been set up by the government in such areas to ensure that community members live together in harmony without allowing the enemy to come between them.

Through the interior ministry, the government has assured professionals from all quarters safe grounds of executing their mandate. This includes incentives and provision of security. This has led to more transfers in the recent days from doctors, teachers and civil servants in Mandera, Wajir, Lamu, Kilifi, among other volatile regions.

Mandera governor Ali Roba applauded the government together with the security forces for the good work they are doing in these regions. He said cases of insecurity have drastically declined and investors have started trickling down to the area with massive investments. Roba assured non-locals who work in the region that his administration will support them in settling in the county, and he will collaborate with security agencies in integrating them.


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